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We are a small fleet with 1 owner starting out with 1 truck and with the sky being the limit for growth, I will be adding more trucks/drivers to our fleet as positions become available. I am also adding other opportunities to the fleet of driving on a personal and business level. Hello and welcome to an idea for everyone who wants to be independent and in control of their own destiny. My name is Francis A. Casner Jr. I am an OTR (Over the Road) Truck driver who started driving 30 years ago and I have faced all the same challenges most of us are or have faced just trying to get a head. In 2016 after taking a long look at my life I wasn’t happy where I was going, nothing to look forward to in the future and everything was looking back, so in 2017 I decided to make a change, I’m going back to Truck driving and the dream began.


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There is a different way to drive!

WLPC Express is a 100% Dedicated fleet with OTR, regional and local runs. We are seeking qualified candidates who want to work for a company, but your getting paid like an independent Owner Operators across this nationwide network of operation centers. This way you get to decide what your future holds. WLPC Express wants to make America great again! So, when someone asks you what you do for a living you can say whatever I want because I am my own Boss.

Enlightening to a fleet of truck drivers I am also looking for dependable qualified candidates to drive over the road/local hotshot trucking.  I want to provide a fleet of professional drivers to be available for their success in the Express Future of Transportation.

So, if you are looking for steady work, decent money and time at home with your family?

Why not look at www.wlpcexpress.com?

Whether you own your own truck/SUV or looking to get into your own truck/SUV WLPC Express wants to give you the tools needed to be an independent company/owner operator/sub-contractor. You work when you want and earn as much as you want.

Our goal is to make anyone with the desire to work successfully while being independent. Work when you need to, be home with your family as needed no more 9 to 5. WLPC Express wants to change how we can work less, spend more time with our family’s and loved ones and still get paid what we deserve to live a comfortable stable life. So, if you’re feeling lost or just don’t know what to do at your everyday 9 to 5 with just getting by paycheck to paycheck, look no further and give WLPC Express a call and lets, see where the express future in transportation can take you.



You choose every move, and we make it easy. Our load board is always just a click away and always full of opportunities, for solo, team, van, flatbed, step deck, heavy specialized, expedited, and refrigerated.



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